Hair Guitar Haircuts

Hair Guitar Haircuts

Roseville, CA

The goal at Hair Guitar is to provide the best thirty-minute vacation you have ever had. With their ideas in mind, we designed one of our most unique projects to date. We handcrafted the cabinetry to look like large speaker systems and even included flat-screen TVs at every barber station. The contagious atmosphere of this space guarantees an unmatched haircut experience for every customer that walks through the door.

“Every team that worked on the project demonstrated a high degree of craftsmanship, and all were a pleasure to work with. I was consistently brought up to speed on each phase concerning the work each team was performing. The added bonus of finding that each team/individual was a professional craftsman and a genuine pleasure to work with, was a rare differentiator. I consistently felt I was working side by side with shareholders in this enterprise, as opposed to just commercial contractors.”
– Steven C. Earnshaw, Owner, Hair Guitar Haircuts

The Scope of this project included:

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