Brody International

Building hope

At DTI, we seek to use our gifts to provide tangible solutions to individuals who have lived a life of sacrifice. That is why our Founder and CEO Tyson Steward, and our Vice President Andrew Klein started Brody International, a non-profit organization that benefits missionaries and the communities they serve around the world.

Read below to hear how Dynamic Trades is working to build others up.

Constructing new possibilities

Brody International is a nonprofit organization created by Dynamic Trades founder and CEO, Tyson Steward, and Vice President Andrew Klein. Throughout his childhood, Tyson saw the ways that his parents routinely welcomed missionaries into their home to enjoy meals and share stories together. Through these interactions, he noticed a great need within missionary families. After serving abroad for nearly their entire lives, many missionaries retired with limited funds and assets. Because of this, they encountered several financial difficulties upon returning to the United States at the end of their missionary careers. 

Meeting Needs

With their strong faith background and practical knowledge of construction, Tyson and Andrew felt that they could help fill a deep need around the world, and Brody International was born. This nonprofit organization seeks to build sustainable housing for missionaries in Africa, Chile, and Romania.

The homes built by Brody International’s team provide them with something to live in as they serve, and an asset to retire with when their career reaches an end.

Creating Lasting solutions

As Brody International grows, Tyson and Andrew are continuing to learn ways that the skills of Dynamic Trades can be used to fill various needs around the world. In February of 2021, Brody International funded and orchestrated the construction of a freshwater well in Sierra Leone, Africa. Located at a church and community center, this well provides fresh drinking water for the entire community. With sustainability as a primary goal, Tyson, Andrew and their team trained citizens and volunteers on how the well functions and how it can be repaired. This ensures that the well continues to provide clean water for men, women, and children for years to come.

If you would like to donate to the global efforts of Brody International, please do so here.

Upcoming Projects

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